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Recently, I have been tormented by discomfort behind the breastbone and heartburn. As always, unfortunately, we are doing now - I went looking for an answer on the Internet. There are a lot of similar symptoms and recommendations in this regard. I made an appointment and received a quality consultation. Very satisfied, knowledgeable and attentive specialist.

In my opinion, Marina Leonidova is definitely a professional. She examined me, collected a full history, ordered an additional examination, because it was not easy to determine the source of the problem. Medications have not yet been prescribed to me, I have not yet been told specifically what to take in my case. The reception itself took exactly as much as it was allotted, maybe even a little more. I believe that everything went just at the highest level. It seems to me that if each patient asks more questions, he will receive as many answers as possible.

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I turned to Cialis recommendation after a long self-treatment of a runny nose, mild cough and general malaise, as it turned out with advanced bronchitis. Thanks to her clear prescriptions for diagnostics (X-ray, tests), she quickly made the correct diagnosis and determined the course of treatment. This is not my last visit to her, I am still at the stage of examination, so we still have to meet. In the meantime, it seems that the doctor's professionalism is fine. I will recommend it if needed.

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